Introducing the New AFL Diet

The aim of the Accelerated Fat Loss Diet is to drop as much body fat as possible pretty damn quickly, while maintaining as much lean body mass as possible.

The AFL diet is just a one-off payment of £20.99

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"34lbs down thanks to Body Target. Their plans are so easy to stick to cos they only contain the foods/meals you like. I would recommend them to anyone."

- Beth, Nottingham

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A modern approach to a tried and tested method in weight management.

Say no to fad diets that are impossible to keep up longer than a week.

Don’t just lose weight keep it off for good.

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"I've lost over a stone on the AFL Diet and on my way to losing 2! I'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT SO EASILY*"

- Nicola, AFL Diet

The AFL Diet - one off payment £20.99

Advanced Fat Loss Diet

* Results can vary and will depend on the individual

Weekly Plans

  • A new plan generated every week
  • Like function so you can have more of the foods you want
  • Dislike function so can make sure the foods you don't like don't appear again
  • Take the stress and confusion out of meal planning
  • Packed full of great tasting recipes
  • No more eating the same old bland, boring meals
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Shopping Lists

  • The simple answer to your weekly shop
  • No more waste, save money only buying the foods you need
  • Links to My Supermarket if you do your shop online
  • Print off a shopping list to take to your favourite supermarket
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Plan Evolution

  • Our plans adapt as your diet progresses
  • Your nutritional needs are monitored throughout
  • Using the like/dislike function will tailor to your tastes
  • Easy to adhere to as you're only eating the foods you like
  • Even our fixed plans will evolve with you
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Cooking instructions

  • Great tasting meals and snacks
  • Fresh, wholesome, nutrient dense foods
  • Easy to follow step by step cooking instructions
  • Portion sizes tailored to you
  • Detailed nutritional information

"I really like the mysupermarket integration, i save lots of money as i only purchased what i needed

- Lee, Monthly subscriber