"34lbs down thanks to Body Target. Their plans are so easy to stick to cos they only contain the foods/meals you like. I would recommend them to anyone."

- Beth, Nottingham

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"Following Body Target & using their diet plans has totally changed the way I think about dieting & eating healthy. After being unhappy with the way I looked for a long time, I'm finally happy with how I look & feel. Without Body Target, I'm not sure it would have been possible."

- Laura, Doncaster

Start your weight loss journey today.

The men behind Body Target don't just talk the talk, they've walked the walk.

"There was a time when I couldn't fit into 36" trousers, I could barely do 10 press ups & the act of cycling more than 10 miles was a major undertaking. The more I learned, the better results I got!

I want to use my knowledge & experience to get people results faster"

- Sam, Nutrition expert, Co-Founder & Director, Body Target

Start your weight loss journey today.

It's really easy to use and takes the stress out of thinking of meals & its quite cheap at just £8 a month.

You continually update the platform on stuff you don’t like and do like meaning the recipes become more tailored the more you use it.

- Harry, fitnesshacks.co.uk

It made me realise that eating healthy & losing weight doesn't mean eating bland, boring foods. And what's more, it does actually work! I've lost nearly a stone already, without feeling like I was on a diet

- Zoe, Manchester

"Having a list of ingredients you need to buy really helps when doing my weekly shop. Also, not having to think up different healthy meals all the time makes it so much easier to stay on track"

- Natalie, Southampton

"I wasn't really sure what I should be eating & how much, but Body Target just takes care of that for me. I've found I'm performing and recovering better from my workouts now too."

- Steve, Bristol